Bold Turquoise Custom Home Decor

Welcome to Ranch & Co. Interiors, where the rich history of turquoise meets luxury in design. With its timeless allure and captivating hue, turquoise has long been cherished for its elegance and association with the Old Southwest. At Ranch & Co. Interiors, we celebrate this heritage by infusing turquoise elements into our hand-crafted furniture, creating pieces that not only embody exquisite craftsmanship but also tell a story of Western charm and sophistication.

Ranch & Co Interiors is more than just a furniture company; we’re a family-owned and operated business dedicated to creating 100% unique pieces for each client. Our designs feature turquoise leather and custom fringe, reflecting our love for quality craftsmanship and the finest leathers and cowhides available.

Embracing Turquoise Heritage

Turquoise, with its deep cultural significance and timeless appeal, has long been revered for its luxurious touch in design. At Ranch & Co Interiors, we honor this heritage by incorporating turquoise elements into our hand-crafted furniture pieces, creating a fusion of Western charm and modern elegance.

Our Unique Approach

As a family-owned and operated high-end custom furniture company, we take pride in crafting pieces 100% unique to every client. From turquoise leather accents to custom fringe details, no design dream is too large, small, or specific for us. We specialize in providing bespoke Western furniture designs that showcase quality craftsmanship and the finest leathers and cowhides on the market.

Turquoise Treasures

Discover the allure of turquoise with pieces like The Ellensburg Chest, a stunning 3-drawer masterpiece that channels the rustic allure of the Old Southwest right into your bedroom. Its aged turquoise finish and rustic circular hardware create a timeless charm that elevates any space. Customizable to fit your unique style, The Ellensburg Chest is more than furniture; it’s a statement of character.

Embrace the rugged charm and elegance of Western aesthetics with The Reno Ottoman. Featuring a genuine tricolor cowhide band and turquoise fringe, this ottoman is a versatile addition to any home, adding a touch of Southwest-inspired beauty.

For those who dare to be bold, the Buffalo Barstool is a must-have. Each piece is uniquely crafted to perfection with striking turquoise leather, western-fabric-inspired yoke, and cowhide detailing. Customization options ensure it seamlessly fits your style.

And if you’re looking for luxury, the Guthrie 3-seat Curved Sofa is the epitome of bespoke Western charm. Crafted meticulously in exquisite turquoise leather with cowhide and fringe accents, this sofa is a sanctuary of style and comfort.

Customization and Personalization

At Ranch & Co Interiors, customization is key. Choose from a range of cowhide or embossed leather accents to personalize your furniture and reflect your unique personality and style. Our pieces are designed to seamlessly blend into your chosen setting while adding a touch of Southwest-inspired beauty.

Sister Company, Shared Passion

Did you know that our sister company, Windmill Ceiling Fans, shares a deep love for all things turquoise and unique? Explore their collection of custom-crafted ceiling fans, which perfectly complement our furniture pieces.

Experience the luxury of turquoise with Ranch & Co Interiors. Discover bespoke designs that elevate your space and celebrate the timeless allure of Western aesthetics.

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