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Ranch & Co. Interiors provides quality custom one-of-a-kind wood, cowhide, and leather furniture.

  • Prestine Details
  • Cutting Edge Quality & Design
  • Family Owned & Operated
  • Top of the Line and Rare Cowhide Full Grain Leathers from Europe & South America
  • Handcrafted and Highest Durability Frames

Palapa Partners

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Some of the best friendships start in the most unexpected ways; we think that’s how you know they are meant to be! The special bond between Phillip and Kelly Eggers and Tim and Sami O’Connell began on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 2014.

Phillip and Kelly were on beach time, seeking peace and quiet. Tim and Sami were enjoying a vacation with Sami’s family in the next Palapa over. As more of Sami’s family members arrived, Tim kept getting pushed further and further to the edge of their Palapa, encroaching into Kelly and Phillip’s Palapa.

Phillip and Kelly were not a fan of this. Phillip had decided that this kid was coming closer, so he might as well talk to him; at that moment, he saw someone jumping from a plane into the sky.

Phillip turned over to Tim and said, “would you ever do that” Tim, being the adrenaline-seeking junkie he is, replied, “Yeah, I just did that yesterday!”

This conversation sparked Phillip’s interest, quickly connecting all four of them. And there were many connections to be made! First, Tim and Phil were both born and raised in Iowa; Kelly grew up in Kansas, which is only a few hours from where Tim and Sami live now! It soon came up that Tim had just completed his first National Finals Rodeo┬«, which did not go exactly as planned; he was a little banged up. Tim spends most of his winters rodeoing in Texas, where Phillip and Kelly happen to live now; the world is small! They continued to find more commonalities and grew closer and closer as the week went on.

After the Cabo trip ended, they all stayed in touch and got to see each other throughout the rodeo’s winter run, only strengthening their friendships. These four have greatly enjoyed being present for each other during significant life events over the years, like the majority of Tim’s rodeo career, starting multiple businesses, Super Duty Fans and Windmill Ceiling Fans, and welcoming two babies into the O’Connell family! Having friends like Kelly and Phillip and Tim and Sami make a world of difference during life’s lows and incredible highs, like Tim winning three World Titles! The four continue to share the love of winter vacation in Cabo every year; the Windmill Ceiling Fan Company was actually created sitting on the same beach in Cabo many years ago! So was a Partnership between the four friends, known as the Palapa Partners.

Years of wonderful friendship, respect for one another, and love for the western lifestyle caused the four Palapa Partners to want to open a new business, this time together! This leads us to the official introduction of Ranch & Co. Interiors!

Providing family-owned, custom-created, western furniture designs for those who want quality craftsmanship and some of the best leathers and cowhides on the market. Phillip, Kelly, Tim, and Sami were all raised with the country lifestyle in their blood; they know that a strong work ethic, high-quality materials, and true grit will make Ranch & Co. Interiors a success beyond measure. Our customers will always be treated like family, and each product we create will be crafted from our hearts and souls. We cannot wait to share more of Ranch & Co. Interiors with y’all!