From Casual Observer to Leather Aficionado: 6 Ways To Tell If a Leather Sofa Is Good Quality

Jul 1, 2024 | Cowhide Furniture, Furniture Creation, Leather, Leather Care, Leather Furniture








The way we see it there’s nothing quite like the look, comfort, and durability of a 100% real leather sofa, chair, office chair or ottoman. And the way we do business means that everyone should be treated to the real thing no matter where they shop.

But unfortunately, that’s not always the case…

Whether it’s because of unscrupulous sales practices, a lack of product descriptions, or untrained salespeople, it’s hard for consumers to know exactly what they’re looking at before ponying up their hard-earned money.

They may even wonder aloud, “I love that leather sofa, but how do I know if it’s good quality or just another close-but-no-cigar knockoff?”

You only want the REAL thing, a piece of furniture that will be comfortable, and hold its value for years to come but everything can looks and feel the same to an untrained eye.

The good news is that we can change that for the better! Keep on reading as we share SIX fail-safe ways to ensure that leather sofa your considering buying is of good quality.

Real Leather or Fake? The Difference Is in the Details

    1. Please touch the merchandise — Leather should feel like real animal skin when you run your hand across and through it. The texture may be smooth but also irregular and uneven, with blemishes and imperfections like lumps and bumps. Nothing is entirely uniform, from the structure to the pattern, shading, and everything in between. If it has regular patterns, even texture, a distinct smoothness, and only one or two stitched vertical seams on the back, then it’s likely fake or bonded leather.
    2. Go ahead and take a big whiff — No matter how much leather is processed during furniture-making, most of its original leather scent remains. It’s a scent undeniably unique to a leather sofa of good quality. Inferior furniture will smell like glue and cheap plastic … the telltale signs of harsh chemicals being introduced into the process.
    3. The label is in plain sight — The label on a genuine leather sofa, ottoman, sectional, or loveseat should say something to the effect of “100% real leather.” It’s right there in plain sight! Fake or bonded leather should have a label that says “man-made material.” 
    4. Durability isn’t an issue — A real leather sofa should last a very long time. No, seriously. It could conceivably last a lifetime. Meanwhile, inferior products display cracks, fading, and disintegration after only a few years of use. Sadly, the only way to tell if this is the case with your sofa or loveseat is if you’ve already spent your money and had the furniture in your house for a few years.
    5. Tipping of the scales, both in weight and price — Genuine leather is significantly heavier than faux versions. When you’re in the store, see if you can easily pick up one side of a larger sofa. If you can’t, it’s likely good quality. The price tag should reflect this, too.
    6. It looks like skin — Perhaps one of the easiest ways to tell the difference between real and fake cowhide furniture is to look for pores. Just like your skin has visible pores, genuine cowhide should, too. If they don’t, it’s likely synthetic.










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