Unlock the Secrets to Care For Your Leather Couch

Jun 10, 2024 | Cowhide, Cowhide Furniture, Furniture Creation, Home Decor, Leather, Leather Care

Your leather couch isn’t just furniture; it’s a statement piece that ages like fine wine, gaining character and charm over time! But to ensure it remains a timeless centerpiece, it needs more than occasional maintenance—it requires daily care and attention. Let’s delve into the secrets of preserving the beauty of your leather investment!

  1. Banish the Plastic: While it may seem tempting to shield your leather with plastic, it’s a damaging choice. Plastic suffocates the leather, leading to rapid deterioration. Avoid storing it in non-breathable conditions like a dry storage unit.
  2. Handle Spills with Care: Accidents happen, but swift action can prevent stains from becoming permanent. Instead of panicking and scrubbing vigorously, gently blot spills with a clean cloth to avoid damaging the leather.
  3. Mind Your Attire: Those jeans with the rhinestones are perfect for a night out on the town. But the last thing you want to do is sit down on your leather couch or ottoman while wearing them. Be aware of any bling you or your guests might have that might lead to punctures, scratches, or creases, and your leather will stay vibrant and youthful for years to come.
  4. Daily Dusting Ritual: Make dusting your leather a daily ritual using a soft, dry cloth or a vacuum with a gentle brush attachment. If needed, use a slightly damp cloth with distilled water or an approved leather cleaner as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  5. Pet-Friendly Practices: Pets are family, but their claws and leather don’t mix well. Protect your furniture from scratches by setting boundaries for your furry friends.
  6. Rotate and Revive: Give your favorite spot on the couch a break now and then. Rotating seating positions helps distribute wear evenly, keeping your leather looking vibrant for years


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